Creative Commons Soundtracks: And Another 4 Weeks Worth

My project to take the free 8Pack released by Sony each week, to turn it into something else and then release it under the creative commons licence continues. I'm still not confident enough to think that they can stand alone but if you need a clip of music to back some video then I think they work and I have fun making them:
Suck It Up by the other Martin Taylor
Just Sit Back and Chill by the other Martin Taylor
Jigzag by the other Martin Taylor
Go With It Again by the other Martin Taylor

In addition I've been messing around with NanoStudio on my iPhone some more. These couple of tracks were also made with the intention of using them in video work and they're released under the same creative commons licence:
Go To Sleep by the other Martin Taylor 
The Return Trip Effect by the other Martin Taylor


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