Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum: Render Error Still Occurs in v11

Update: Since I wrote this post I upgraded to Movie Studio Platinum 12 - the program has gone 64-bit which seems to answer this problem that we were experiencing in prior versions.

I am a huge fan of Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum. For the money (around $100) it is impossible to beat on the Windows platform. However, ever since I started using it 3 versions back it has been plagued by a bug that Sony are either unwilling, or unable to fix.

The problem occurs when you are trying to render HD video out above a certain, unknowable complexity on a 64 bit platform. The error you see when you're trying to render out (just before the application crashes) is "The system is low on memory. You may be able to reduce memory usage by closing other applications." I'm here to tell you it doesn't matter how many programs you close, once you hit the threshold and start seeing this error your video will not render. I am also here to tell you it is not an issue with the amount of memory you have in your machine (unless you have less than 3gb). I have 8gb memory in my Vista 64 bit desktop and 3gb in my Win 7 64 bit laptop and both were plagued by this issue trying to render the same project recently - the project had 6 video tracks and 8 audio, with effects on most clips and tracks but it was only three and a half minutes long.

First an introduction to some boring Windows fundamental architecture. 32bit versions of Windows can only use a maximum of 2gb of memory. 64bit versions are not restricted in the same way which is one reason geeks like 64bit systems. Unfortunately many consumer pieces of software are 32bit. Now, you can run a 32bit program on a 64bit version of Windows but it won't be able to use more than 2gb of memory itself. With me so far?

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum is a 32bit program (Pro is 64bit) which runs well on 64 systems but has had this memory leak issue when rendering in all versions I can see to date. Basically the render process is using as much memory as it can get (2gb) but at some point it doesn't release a part of memory it has reserved - it then tries to get more memory and the crash occurs. Why Sony haven't fixed this issue is infuriating - I was sure they would have it done in version 11 but no; I installed the software and the bug was back.

Luckily for us there is a tried and tested way to address this issue that has been documented for previous versions of Movie Studio and this is my update to those instructions for v11.

  • Close Sony Vegas (if it hasn't already crashed on you.
  • Download and install CFF explorer from
  • Run CFFExplorer
  • File > Open "C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0\VegasMovieStudioPE110.exe
  • In the left plane of CFF Explorer click NT Headers > File Headers
  • Bottom right of the resulting grid will read "Click here" - click there
  • In the resulting dialog window check "App can handle > 2gb address space" and then click "OK"
  • File > Save As and save the file to a local directory (somewhere in your documents or desktop)
  • Close the file in CFF explorer
  • In Windows file explorer make a copy of the original file you just opened (this is so, if things go wrong, you can get back to where you were)
  • In file explorer move the file you saved in a local directory over the one in the installed directory: whenever you try to copy or move a file in the installed directory Windows will probably ask you exactly what you want to do to try and stop you corrupting installed applications - Click "Move and Replace" and then hit "continue" if it says you need to confirm your administrator privileges. This may seem long winded but you have to get around Windows security that is trying to stop you messing up your system.
  • Repeat the CFF edit for the following files:
    • VegasMovieStudioPE110.exe (you just did this one)
    • vegasmoviestudiope110k.dll
    • all dlls in the FileIO Plug-Ins dirrectory - in my installation this was:
      • ac3studioplug\ac3studioplug.dll
      • aifplug\aifplug.dll
      • atracplug\atracplug.dll
      • aviplug\aviplug.dll
      • compoundplug\
        • compoundplug.dll
        • mc_dec_aac.dll
        • mc_dec_avc.dll
        • mc_enc_mp2v.dll
        • sonyjvtd.dll
        • sonymvd2pro_xp.dll
      • fhgaacplug2\fhgaacplug2.dll
      • flacplug\flacplug.dll
      • gifplug\gifplug.dll
      • lpecplug\lpecplug.dll
      • mcmp4plug2
        • mc_dec_aac.dll
        • mc_dec_avc.dll
        • mc_enc_aac.dll
        • mc_enc_avc.dll
        • mcmp4plug2.dll
      • mcplug2
        • mc_config_mp2m.dll
        • mc_config_mp2v.dll
        • mc_config_mpa.dll
        • mc_dec_dd.dll
        • mc_dec_mp2v.dll
        • mc_dec_mpa.dll
        • mc_demux_mp2.dll
        • mc_demux_mp4.dll
        • mc_demux_mxf.dll
        • mc_enc_mp2sr.dll
        • mc_enc_mp2v.dll
        • mc_enc_mpa.dll
        • mc_enc_pcm.dll
        • mc_mfimport.dll
        • mc_mux_mp2.dll
        • mc_mux_mp4.dll
        • mc_mux_mxf.dll
        • mcplug2.dll
      • mp3plug2\mp3plug2.dll
      • mp4plug3
        • aacaenc.dll
        • mp4plug3.dll
        • savce.dll
        • sgcudme.dll
        • sgocldme.dll
        • sgpuclb.dll
        • sony4vem.dll
      • mvcplug
        • mvcplug.dll
        • sonyjvtd.dll
      • oggplug\oggplug.dll
      • qt7plug\qt7plug.dll
      • rm9plug
        • rm9plug.dll
        • pncrt.dll
      • sfpaplug\sfpaplug.dll
      • stl2plg\stl2plg.dll
      • swfplug\swfplug.dll
      • wavplug\wavplug.dll
      • wicplug\wicplug.dll
      • wmfplug4\wmfplug4.dll
This fixed the crashes while rendering for me and I hope it works for you but if you're not comfortable messing around with dll files please be careful - you could do more harm than good .If you can't see the dll files of the folders they are in you may need to make hidden files visible. All the dlls in the file IO directory that I listed may seem like overkill but I just wanted to never face this error again ... until the next time when Sony release v12 and I've forgotten all about this pain. Then again, Sony might actually get its act together and fix this issue for us ... fat chance :)


  1. I am probably tempting fate here, but after a very frustrating day I have followed your advice and just (finally!) managed a successful render.

    I've frequently had the memory leak issue before as my messy amateur projects grow, but usually I could restart the app or PC and be OK for long enough to do what I wanted. But not this time!

    It was no fun whatsoever editing all those files, but so far it seems to have been worth the effort. Thank you very much indeed for posting this solution where someone halfway round the planet could stumble (with Google's assistance) upon it. I'm incredibly grateful. :-)

  2. Andrew - glad it was useful. It's a frustrating issue but I've rendered a lot of HD video since applying this fix on 2 different machines that were both crashing previously and they both seem to be working fine now. LMK if this fix doesn't 'stick' as it will then blow my theory about what is going wrong out the water.
    Regards - Martin

  3. Awesome! I was really getting concerned that I was going to have to upgrade to Vegas Pro, but then I would lose all of my current projects. They are not compatible, I tried on the trial version. This gets me over the hump until I can justify spending $600 on Vegas Pro 10. Thanks a million!

  4. Great stuff. I just installed Vegas Movie Studio 11 HD and upgrade (via the Sony Web site) to Vegas Movie Studio 11 Build 295. I have not tried any big projects and haven't had any crashes, but I like to get ahead of things. I got the CFF tool to apply your tweaks. I found that the first file (the .EXE) was already tagged as "can handle >2Gb". Maybe Build 295 has fixed this bug? I'm going to apply the tag to the various DLLs in any case, but interested in hearing from others to see if this has been addressed in the current build.

  5. I was getting that 2gb error all the time and it was crashing. I tried everything...from the CFexplorer to rendering bit by bit.

    I finally figured it out after google searching more. I have a Panasonic HD Video Camera. It seems I needed to use the HDLite software to move my video files from my desktop as it converts the MTS files to M2TS. For some reason, Vegas is strange and would freeze up with .MTS file format that I had dragged manually from MyComputer and the E: (my camcorder drive). With HDLite, it copys the file to my hard drive in .M2TS file and thankfully, no more rendering issues.

  6. Sorry to hear people are still wrestling with this issue but glad that you all seem to be finding ways round it.

  7. I'm still having trouble...

    I've done all of the changes (at least I think I got them all) but VegasMovieStudioPE110.exe doesn't seem to exist for me. I have VegasMovieStudioHD110.exe and .udat

  8. I found VegasMovieStudioPE110.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0 - YMMV

  9. Hello,

    I have a question:

    When attempting to save the changes made to "app can handle > 2gb", it prompts me to save under a new name because it can't overwrite the original file. Should I save these new changes under a slightly new name, then try to move and replace every original file under FileIO Plug-Ins directory?

    My VegasMovieStudioPE110.exe file was already fixed for the app.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  10. This is just a windows permissions issue that you're seeing. It's always worth doing this kind of thing as an admin user but even that doesn't allow this sometimes. The best thing to do is save the file in a different directory. Then rename the original file to .old. Finally copy your new file into the original location. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can always get back where you were.

  11. I completed everything above successfully, but now when I go to open a project I receive a message saying: An error occurred while loading the project file _____.vf. The file is an unsupported format.

    At first I had to find and match all my clips (.mpg), when that was done, nothing loaded and I got the message above.

    I even tried opening an 'Untitled' Vegas to import one file to see if it would work, but it didn't. Should I remove the 'add can handle > 2GB' .dll files and input the old ones?

    It's either I can create a video but can't render, or I have the opportunity to render but can't import video files (.mpg)

  12. What happens when you create a new project, save it, close Vegas, start it again and reopen this new project?

  13. I could still save and open a new project but importing clips were still useless. It refused to read them. (I even tried converting them to different files but it was still unsuccessful. I ended up re-installing Vegas with the old plug-ins just to be safe, then cut and pasted my video project into small sections of 30 seconds each. (There were a total of 98 clips in one project, which was why I was running into the rendering issue. LOL)

    So now I'm just going to keep my projects small, create several renders then add them together as one big file. My recent video worked well with this new suggestion. It's not good because it's more time-consuming.

    The weird thing is, on Sony's website, it even states that .mpg video files are not compatible with the program, yet the clips automatically record in that setting and I've had no issues prior.

    I'll definitely try this tutorial again in the future. I performed each step carefully, unfortunately it didn't want to recognize any video file format once the new .dll files replaced the new ones. The program ran faster and worked like a charm though!

  14. might be a good idea to post a rar of these dlls modified since it sounds like some people have missed one or checked a wrong box making their projects not load.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Martin - thank you so much! I actually have VMS HD Platinum 10.0, and was getting the low memory errors. Your instructions worked for me as well - the DLL list is slightly different, but the same concept applies and I am right now rendering an 8MB 720p30 video that just wouldn't work before! Much appreciated!

  17. Hi, I know you posted this a while ago but I need help with something; I successfully changed and moved all of the .dll files to the "app can handle >2 gb", but I every time I try to move the Vegas Movie Studio .exe file to the installed directory a message pops up saying that I can't store shortcuts in that area. Also, when I opened the converted .exe file an error said that the file couldn't be recognized. Do you {or does anyone} have any suggestions? >.<

    **As a side note, I have VMS HD 10.0 rather than 11, but everything looks relatively similar in the program files. Thank you!

  18. If this experience can help. I had a crash ocuring always at the same % when rendering a HD Vegas 11 project. Found out that it was a large still image that caused this issue. The memory usage always jumped over 2Go when rendering and reaching this very picture. I had this large image to deeply zoom in and could not resize it because of pixelisation issues. I finaly rendered this zooming separately and inserted the new movie file in my timeline. I didn't experience any crashes after that.

  19. I upgraded to version 12 last summer and Movie Studio Platinum has finally gone 64-bit. This seems to have fixed my rendering issue OOTB:

  20. anyway to get the Program to run at 16gig render instead of 2gig ?

    1. Version 12 is a 64bit program and seems to handle all the memory you throw at it. In version 11 I don't see a way.

  21. DIDN'T WORK FOR ME :(((

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Followed your guide and even did it for the .DII files that repeated...still doesn't work...HELP

  24. Hello! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!! This worked for me perfectly! It doesn't crash anymore. Such a joyous feeling. (: I really appreciate you taking all the time to help us and explain everything! Thanks again!!

  25. I'm sorry the non-working instances with some people here! )': I barely know about this stuff myself; I just went off of the instructions, and if we did the same thing, I wouldn't have a clue to understand why something wouldn't work exactly... Or I would try to assist you all. )': I'm sorry! Hopefully you DO get the assistance you need from someone who actually knows the ins and outs of this stuff. (;

  26. I made a huge mistake and I need help, pls help!!! I am using Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 and what i did - i saved my project under name hello. then i open the program again and add this project `hello` and another video that i edited, after that i clicked redeem and by mistake wrote the name of this project `hello` again, and it ask me if i want to replace it because its already exist, and i was like oh i dont need the old one, i just clecked replace, omg how stupid i am, i clicked replace when i am using this same project in this video, so it started redeem, but of course because i replaced it, my media started to show offline, when i went to movie studio platinum projects, my projects with the name hello that i saved first is under format m2ts.sfk i need my video, how can i recover it, please helppppp pleaseeeee. thank you

  27. I know it's been a while, but hoping the OP is still available. I am using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Version 9 (build 92) on both a W7 laptop 64 bit, and an XP desktop. Will this solution apply? Thanks!


  28. I have Movie Studio Platinum 12 and I tried this method. Because there are more files in this version, it took about 2 hours because of how tedious it is. Still the same problem when rendering :(

  29. Saved my project- overwrote the original- the .mp4 final version was missing 3/4 of the video and when I tried to open the .vf file, media was offline. Is this irreversible? Also made a boo boo and don't have a copy of the raw footage. -_- Not a video of huge important, but this is why I don't edit.

  30. OMG, thank you. It worked with Vegas 9.0

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