Creative Commons Soundtracks: Even More Fun With 8Packs

I'm still sticking to my resolution to take the free 8Pack released by Sony each week, to turn it into something else and then release it under the creative commons licence. As long as it's fun I'll keep doing it.

I am working on a simple video tutorial on using Sony Acid to score video. Hopefully that will be available before I post my next bunch of 8Pack pieces.

I hadn't realized that it has been over a month since I last posted anything here so here's the last 6 weeks:

Voiceless Glottal Plosive by the other Martin Taylor

Rerolled Credits by the other Martin Taylor

Carried Away Again by the other Martin Taylor

Extensions Extended by the other Martin Taylor

Solar ReCycled by the other Martin Taylor

Simulcast Expressions by the other Martin Taylor

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