Sketchup WIP: Valley Forge

I love Sketchup and am an unpaid evangelist for Google's free, 3D, conceptual design tool. I do, however, get bored of seeing the same old subjects: houses, kitchens, Google Earth buildings - Sketchup has the potential to be a much more creative tool than that. Marry my love of Sketchup with my love of models and props from Sci-Fi movies and you get something like this.

This is a model of the Valley Forge spaceship from the 70's movie, Silent Running. I've been working on and off on this model for years: for many months I won't touch it and then I'll spend a couple of days trying to make headway. This weekend I pushed on trying to make some progress by adding the main living section and the fuel pods at the back. It's still nowhere near finished but I couldn't wait to show it off.

There's something amazingly satisfying about creating something from nothing even if that something is just virtual. Once it's finished I'll post it to the 3D Warehouse where I hope it will remain the most accurate rendition of this ship available. By now you should know how geeky I really am - this is just another side to my nerdom.

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