Adventure in RC Helicopters: Battery / Charger Problems

I mentioned how excited I was at the arrival of my Honey Bee V2 but how I wasn't able to fly due to either a battery or charger problem. Yesterday a new charger finally arrived from xHeli but, as I feared, it didn't resolve the issue. So I still can't fly; I'm still frustrated and my issue remains open on the xHeli forum. Maybe I'll get to fly before Christmas; who knows?

Update: They got back to me via the forum and now want me to send the battery back to them for testing. How long before they get around to testing it and sending me a working battery? I am getting tired of the time and effort it is taking with xHeli to get a working product so I ordered a couple more batteries from another supplier to see if I can get satisfaction quicker that way.

Update 2: xHeli sent me an RMA number. Withing 24 hours I sent them the battery. Now all I can do is wait until someone can get a good battery to me.


  1. Bummer. Nothing spoils it when you are in the open field only to realize that your RC doesn't work.

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